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We help win the battles
in e-commerce

Who is the Brilo Team?

  • We are the largest digital agency in South Bohemia
  • We help clients beat the competition in the digital world
  • We introduce e-commerce solutions to companies and organizations
  • We implement online projects for clients and ensure their promotion
  • We have professional experience since 2007
  • Our people hold Google, Sklik, Mergado, etc. certificates.
Who is the Brilo Team?
  • Number of people in the team

  • Completed projects

    250 +
  • Revenue of our clients

    2.3 billion+

E-commerce solutions for companies

  • Help with the selection of technologies and systems
  • Design and creation of customized e-commerce solutions
  • Implementation of the solution in the company
  • Training and mentoring of employees
  • Technical support and development
  • Bringing projects to market
  • Marketing support
E-commerce solutions for companies

What we are capable of and what we are good at

If you entrust us with your kingdoms, we will build a navy, cavalry, and a series of frontier forts. For the defense of castles, we can assemble a less numerous, but very striking unit.

  • Implementation of e-commerce solutions in companies and companies

    Implementation of e-commerce solutions in companies and companies

  • Development of customized e-shops

    Development of customized e-shops

  • Custom mobile application development

    Custom mobile application development

  • Internet marketing

    Internet marketing


  • We will propose the design, brand and ergonomics of the project
  • We program our own solution
  • We provide technical support
  • We connect third-party systems
  • We help with long-term development

Who are our clients?

We put a lot of effort into every digital battle, no matter how big. We left a piece of ourselves in each one.

Urban Store
Under Armour

Internet marketing

  • Care of e-shops and marketing management
  • PPC campaigns
  • Comparison shopping engine
  • E-mailing
  • SEO
  • Social networks
  • Web analytics
Internet marketing

Mobile application

  • We will propose a design
  • We program native applications in both iOS and Android
  • We will connect the application with the e-shop
  • We will help with app promotion and market launch
  • We provide technical support
 Mobile application

Who can you contact?

We are at your reach every working day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you and advise you with everything we understand well.

Tomáš Liška

Tomáš Liška

Project manager
Tomáš Kocifaj

Tomáš Kocifaj